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Giving birth is like running a marathon. You need the right preparation and skills to use when the going gets tough. Research from Sydney University has shown that antenatal classes that focus on pain relief techniques produce improved birth outcomes. Finding a hands on course that really goes into the nitty gritty of what labour is like can make all the difference. Hospital classes discuss medical pain relief, inductions, forceps, vacuum, episiotomies and caesareans. After all that there is little time to teach the topics that actually help you stay on top of labour pain. My Kind Of Birth courses are packed with all the good stuff!

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Course details

  • Stages of labour
    • What's happening in your body
    • What it looks like from the outside
    • What you and your partner can do
  • Active birth positions
  • Natural pain relief
  • Coping methods
  • Mindful pain management tools
  • Creating your perfect birth environment
  • Being the best birth partner you can be
  • Giving emotional and physical support during labour
  • Writing a strong birth plan
  • Advocating for your rights as a strong birthing woman

Our online courses are the best addition to your hospital classes!

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Take Control of Birth Pain - Naturally!
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